Ibu Koike Hess - Muay Thai Boxing

Ibu Koike Hess - Muay Thai Boxing

I am Koike Hess. Born in Colombia and raised in Bunschoten. I have lived in Thailand and Spain (Barcelona) for a while and then moved to Amsterdam. When I was 17 I started training at sports Cool Gym. I have fought thirty competitions since then, won half and lost half.

In 2012 I became Dutch Champion up to 63,5kg of the Federal DMBF. In 2012 I also started to give training to young fighters, adults and later began to train contest fighters as well.

The team that I have trained shaped several Dutch champions, European champions and World champions.

What Thai boxing / Muay Thai means to me? Basically all I love in this life (training, job, friends, girlfriend) I owe to the sport. For me it has become a state of mind and not just a sport. To have fought in the ring and to get up at 6am, 5 mornings a week at 6 am to get up and go running for a day of 10+ hours of office work, I can relativize many things.

In terms of training, I purely my experience and competition training in Thailand (Phuket, Buriram, Chang Mai).

My style of teaching? Depending on the group. I train beginners in a different way than advanced and competition brawlers also different.

I often work quite visual and am an open person and therefore easily accessible. I also explain why I do certain techniques that way without having to downgrade other techniques.

What I really like is rapidly with the technology as the basis.

Authoritarian I'm not, everyone should feel at his / her convenience during my workouts.